Kristu Jyoti Vidya Niketan is a new venture of the Kristu Jyoti Group of CMI Educational institutions, Chethipuzha. It is the realization of a long cherished desire to have a school in ICSE syllabus along with State and CBSE in the Kristu Jyoti Campus. Let the spark of knowledge lighted here may glisten the heart of our students with true fire of wisdom. Rev. Fr. Prior is the chairman of Dr. Placid Educational Trust and Manager of Kristu Jyoti Group.

Fr. Thomas Choolaparambil CMI,

Manager , KJ Group

Fr. Philipose Thunduvalichira CMI,

Principal, Kristu Jyoti Vidya Niketan

Fr. Tomy Elavunkal CMI,

Director, Kristu Jyoti Group

Principal, Kristu Jyoti Higher Secondary School

Fr. Joshy Cheeramkuzhy CMI,

Principal, Kristu Jyoti College

Fr. Scaria Ethirett CMI,

Principal, Placid Vidya Vihar

Fr. Chacko Manackal CMI,

Bursar, KJ Group

Mrs. Elizabeth Reji,

Vice Principal, Kristu Jyoti Vidya Niketan