Principal's Message

Life is not about findings yourself. Life is about creating yourself’. Sir George Bernard Shaw by this verse makes a clear shift from the ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”. This is true indeed. Education is for transformation. To know oneself in the sociocultural context is the first phase of learning. A human being is rooted in an environment which he selects or creates. There a person is in search of his/her meaning. By way of transforming oneself, one has to create new meanings. Education is nothing but finding oneself and giving new meaning to it. This shows education a life. We cannot separate these two.
In KJVN, we provide an ample environment to understand oneself in socio cultural context to give meaning to their lives. This liberates them to fulness of life. The curriculum is designed so, that a child can grow in his / her own pace.

Fr. Philipose Thunduvalichira CMI
Principal KJVN